book of poems

Spoken word / language poetry / sound poetry ~ with music. Listen for free or download.

everyone  5:00




This film is a short language poem with visuals. What does it say to you?

i am the president  1:15




This film was shot from the audience by Ann Brantingham and processed by the San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival. Hair Cub for Poets / Reading with Scissors is a monthly poetry series in Downey California. Note my painting in the background.

reading libretti lumi at number 34  14:57




This series of short art/poetry films was an original design idea for the Kindle. Unfortunately, went with another idea ~ to make the Kindle look and feel like a book (something it can never achieve) instead of playing to its strength (that it is an electronic device with a screen for visuals). The Sony Reader is equally as dull. Both and Sony (and all publishers of e-books) are creating what amounts to a pdf document for your computer terminal. Is reading on your computer terminal the same kind of experience as reading a book? No! This is why these films were created. The production quality may be poor and the design flawed but the effect is delightful and the result is much more interesting than anything on the Kindle. And the poetry is great!

prelude  0:29
rain journal  2:26
weather report  2:56
postscript  0:54




wording  0:48
words  4:00
changing words  2:50
final word  0:31




if you have not seen the earth  2:06




dear  13:11




body of water  11:58




This film is a short excerpt from casa la reina, read at Pizza Supreme, August 2011.

poetry film  2:35




This film was a gift from Fred the Psychic Bunny. His work can be seen on Youtube.

the earth is round  2:01